Wednesday, April 7, 2010

E! Save One Show Campaign Final Six

The E! Save One Show Twitter Wild Card series has been announced and it is...(drum roll please)... Heroes.

So that makes the Final Six: 

Better Off Ted
Life Unexpected

One Tree Hill

The winner will be announced on April 12 so
get voting and tell all your friends.
And while you're there be sure to check out messages from the very grateful Executive producers of  Chuck, Life Unexpected, and Parenthood plus a video message from One Tree Hill's Mark Schwam.


  1. Chuck shouldn't even be on this list. I think that show has proven itself by now.

    Parenthood is a fantastic show and should be saved.

    All of these shows are better than the next reality show ripoff. Can we please cancel them, forget the last decade happened, and move along?

  2. We love Parenthood, too. That's the one we're really hoping gets saved!