Thursday, April 8, 2010

In Plain Sight's Mary McCormack Loves Reality TV

Mary McCormack just started her third season playing Mary Shannon on the USA drama In Plain Sight. During her 25-plus year career, from starring roles in West Wing and ER to her Tony-nominated turn as Gretchen in Boeing, Boeing on Broadway, Mary has become well known as a very serious actress.

So, it may come as a shock to Mary's fans that she is a reality TV junkie, a fact which makes us love her even more as an actress. She has admitted to her addiction many times, most notably on Ellen last year when she discussed how laser pointers aid in her viewing along with the phrase, "Questions, comments, thoughts, concerns."

We spoke with Mary this week on a conference call interview and asked her about our shared obesssion.

PASSIONISTAS: We're wondering if you’re still watching reality TV.

MARY: Oh, my God, I am.

PASSIONISTAS: Are you still using your laser pointer?

MARY: I used my laser pointer two nights ago, but it was on a YouTube video, but it was brilliant. We have Apple TV, so we put the YouTube video from the TV and I was laser pointing all over the place. But my two new favorite shows are Locked Up Abroad and then my other one is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which is just amazing.

Locked Up Abroad is based on an English show that was called Banged Up Abroad. And it’s all about people who go abroad and then make one or two bad decisions and end up locked up abroad. Pretty good, you cannot believe how good. It’s National Geographic and for some reason, they must have saved up all their money for years. They shoot it like a feature. It’s gorgeous. It’s well acted. Their reenactments are amazing... It’s so compelling. I can’t say enough about it, the best show on TV except for In Plain Sight. And Survivor is better than ever.

Check out In Plain Sight Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. and watch Mary's most recent interview with Ellen just a few days ago.

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