Friday, April 2, 2010

Save One Show Campaign Update

Hey TV addicts, we all have that one special show that we can’t imagine living without. And the time of year has come for the cold hearted TV network executives to look at the numbers, ignore the passionate fans, and yank some of your favorites off TV screens.

The good people at E! Online run a campaign every year called Save One Show, asking loyal viewers to vote to save their favorite show. Then E! takes the voice of the people all the way to the top – asking the winning show’s network to reconsider and keep the series on the air. They say that in the past they’ve helped save Felicity, Angel, and One Tree Hill from a tragic end.

They started with a list of 20 but Castle ended up not needing a hero and was picked up for another season already. So now they’re down to 19 but they have a list of five frontrunners that seem like shoe-ins to make the short list of five, which will be announced on Monday, April 5.

The likely semifinalists are:

Chuck (NBC)
Life Unexpected (The CW)
One Tree Hill (The CW)
Parenthood (NBC)

But these shows still have a shot:

The Forgotten (ABC)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS)  
Heroes (NBC)
Human Target (Fox)
Medium (CBS)
Melrose Place (The CW)
Mercy (NBC)
Numb3rs (CBS)
Scrubs (ABC)
Sons of Tuscon (Fox)
Trauma (NBC)

If your show isn’t on the short list, it’s not too late to save it. If your favorite series is a top contender, don’t get cocky – those Scrubs fans are scrappy and this competition could turn on a dime.

You have all weekend to vote. Remember what happened with Obama? It’s in your hands people.


  1. Thanks for sharing that!

    I am in the middleof a huge drive to save Flashforward - this info is useful!

  2. Thanks!

    Gonna vote for Chuck.

  3. I'm a huge fan of several of these shows. Why can't they do pay per view for the shows there thinking of canceling, keep some advertisments, and let fan base support drive revenue. Frees up the "time slot" for the networks to experiment with, and stlll provide the content to the fans to pay on demand, download, purchase, rent, etc. An afterlife post primetime for shows? At least the networks can still potentially see profitability, provide more content, and more ad $$? I'm missing something here right? At least before cancelling the show, make put it in a "half way house" / pay on demand, for shows in the proverbial ratings dog house?

  4. Well, my family and I are huge fans of both Life Unexpected (CW) and Mercy (NBC). It will be tough if we they go off... and we hope they stay.

  5. Please, please, PLEASE keep the following on air;

    One Tree Hill
    Life Unexpected
    Melrose Place

    Watch all of these religiously!!!