Friday, April 30, 2010

This Week's Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

This week a cartoon saved a young girl's life. Hannah Montana granted 30 wishes. A tycoon ran in a charitable marathon. And one rock star helped a homeless man while another fought bravely for his own life. Here are this week’s most inspirational moments in pop culture.

Bret Michaels Set to Rock Again

It was a touch and go week for Poison, Rock of Love, and Celebrity Apprentice fans everywhere. Singer and reality TV star, Bret Michaels, suffered a brain hemorrhage, just a few days after undergoing an emergency appendectomy. The news was bleak and confusing for a while. Bret was talking, he wasn’t, doctors couldn’t find the source of the bleeding, on and on.

But now there’s some very positive news. Not only are there reports that doctors are hopeful he’ll make a full recovery. But word is that the hard rocker is going to resume his tour on May 26 – hopefully keeping the head banging to a minimum.

What’s been really great in the midst of all the medical drama over the 47-year-old rock star’s health, was the outpouring of support from fans. Websites, Facebook, and Twitter accounts were flooded with well wishes and kind words for Bret it would warm even the most jaded superstar's heart.

Now we’re just hoping that Michaels wins Celebrity Apprentice. In a statement earlier this week, Donald Trump said of Michaels, “He's a great competitor and champion.” Did the Donald let a bit of key info slip? We’ll all find out during the two hour season finale on Sunday, May 23 from 9:00-11:00 PM.

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