Monday, May 3, 2010

Nick Offerman Talks Mustaches, Mallally, and Canoes

We recently told you about Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman’s canoe video, which is available through Bear Mountain Boats for the low, low price of $29.95.

Then just a few days later, we had the pleasure of meeting the man behind Ron Swanson in person (yes, the 'stache is as awesome in real life as we had hoped and there are no pending plans for facial hair removal). Offerman was at the NBC Universal Summer Press Day and we waltzed around Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari to talk to Duke Silver himself.

Here’s what he had to say about support for his now famous mustache, his lovely wife Megan Mullally, and, of course, canoes.

PASSIONISTAS: We’re wondering if you’re aware of the Facebook page in honor of your mustache?

NICK: No, I’m not.

PASSIONISTAS: There is a Facebook page called Nick Offerman’s Mustache.

NICK: Oh, that’s hilarious.

PASSIONISTAS: And it has many followers, so you should check that out because if you stop by they’ll probably go crazy.

NICK: Ya, I kind of eschew Facebook and social things but I’ll have to take a look at that. My brother will hook me up.

PASSIONISTAS: We’re wondering how the response has been to your canoe video.

NICK: Well, you know, as far as canoe videos go, it’s been a very popular item so far. It’s this great little company in Canada. I keep using the analogy that I felt like Obi-Wan Kenobi was asking me to make an instructional video on the lightsaber. So it was really a great honor for me to get to do this for them and so I hope they have as big a windfall as possible… When we started the video we didn’t know I was gonna end up on the smartest comedy in town. I was just finishing [the canoe video] when I was auditioning for [Parks and Recreation].

PASSIONISTAS: Is Megan coming back to Parks and Recreation?

NICK: She is. She’s going to be back in the fall.

PASSIONISTAS: What’s it like working with her?

NICK: It’s incredible. Such a gift, I mean, being married to a comedy legend is pretty great already but then to get to act like a sort of a Bogart and Bacall, broad comedy… that’s great for me.

PASSIONISTAS: Well she must be proud of you.

NICK: We’re getting along.

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