Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don Rickles Salutes Bob Newhart on His Years in Show Biz

Even though he’s a notoriously biting insult comedian, all signs point to the fact that Don Rickles is one heck of a nice guy. Just ask his best friend, Bob Newhart. The two have traveled the world for decades, enjoying vacations with their respective wives – Ginny and Barbara.

At a recent celebration of Bob’s 50 years in show business, Don took the stage in an emotionally charged tribute to his dearest friend. Sure, there were a few of the usual Rickles’ jibes. But surprisingly, 99% of the conversation centered around friendship, family, and good times in exotic locales. While Newhart appeared to remain his calm and collected self, his partner in crime welled up with tears on several occasions recounting their most precious memories.

Before the touchy-feely version of the comedian appeared, however, the "Mr. Warmth" we all know and love showed up on the red carpet. There he gave some way more predictable but still hysterically funny answers to a couple of questions about good old Bob. We spoke with Rickles on behalf of the Archive of American Television. Here’s what he had to say:

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