Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don Rickles (and Tom Hanks) Hit Theaters in Toy Story 3

Clearly, it's Don Rickles day here at PCP (and, really, shouldn't every day be Don Rickles day?). In addition to the entertaining interview we recently did with him for the Archive of American Television (see blog below), we're gearing up to reunite with the big screen Rickles this weekend.

Okay, he might not be as big a box office draw as Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. But to us, Mr. Potato Head is one of the keys to the Toy Story franchise's success. And, with 15 years having passed since the first film's release, we can't wait to get to the theaters this weekend for Toy Story 3 and spend some time with the spud.

The reviews are pouring in and people are calling the third installment of the animated plaything saga from Pixar a "masterpiece." Now, we're not sure that this flick stands up to the Mona Lisa over the long haul, but we can pretty much guarantee that Woody, Buzz, and the gang are sure to entertain "to infinity and beyond."

Check local listings for a theater near you to see Toy Story 3 the good old fashioned way or in 3D.

And while you're waiting for the show to begin watch the Mr. Potato Head-centric trailer:

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