Friday, June 4, 2010

Drop Dead Diva Returns on Sunday Night

Photo courtesy of Lifetime

Usually the weekend that follows a long weekend seems short and dissatisfying. Without another holiday in site for a month (July? Really?) and having shoved five days worth of work into a measly four, it’s hard not to be a little blue.

But this post-celebratory weekend is going to be different because one of our favorite TV shows is back for a second season. Yes, this Sunday night, June 6 at 9:00 PM, Drop Dead Diva returns to Lifetime.

There are lots of reasons to love the triple D. Let us run through a few:

1. Discovering Brooke Elliott In  this magical series, relative newcomer Brooke Elliot plays a super-intelligent, plus-sized lawyer, Jane Bingum, who is suddenly a vessel for the soul of recently (and accidentally) deceased petite model Deb Dobson. Where more famous movie stars have stumbled in celluloid body-switcheroo scenarios (did Face/Off really help either Travolta’s or Cage’s career?), Elliot pulls off what could seem an overdone device with an effortless charm that makes you root for her to win the court case and the hunky guy – not just for Jane but for Deb, too.

2. The Supporting Characters – We expected to love Margaret Cho as Jane’s tell-it-like-it-is assistant, Teri. And we’re looking forward to watching her step it up this season. We’re hoping that Jane’s BFF Stacey and BGA (that’s Best Guardian Angel) Fred will find true love. And we look forward to seeing what trouble even Jane’s rival Kim and boss J. Parker can stir up this season.

3. The Love Triangle Takes on a New Shape – We totally enjoyed the blossoming love triangle Jane shared with Deb’s ex- fiancĂ© Grayson and Jane’s new beau Tony. But when Jane’s mystery husband shows up this season, the triangle becomes a square. We can’t wait.

4. The Guest Stars – The show has featured special guests from Kathy Najimy to Elliot Gould. And it must be a great show to work on because a few of last season’s big names are coming back for more. Singing judge Paula Abdul will return in a music infused season premiere. And Rosie O’Donnell will reprise her role as the Scrabble playing Judge Madeline Summers.

5. An Impending Cliffhanger – Series creator, Josh Berman, is already promising a Season 2 cliffhanger to rival Season 1’s. We don’t want to wish for the season finale to come quickly, but we have to admit we’re already intrigued.

Don’t worry if you didn’t watch DDD last season, it’s not too late to catch up. This Season 1 recap will tell you everything you need to know in advance of Sunday’s premiere:

To get a taste of what’s ahead in 2010, check out this behind the scenes Drop Dead Diva preview:

And, if you’re still craving more Diva-lisciousness, check out this recent interview with Margaret Cho.

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