Thursday, July 1, 2010

Celebs Reveal Their Favorite Bob Newhart Stories

 Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas/Archive of American Television

We kind of feel like we know Bob Newhart – the dry-witted, everyman of the sitcoms that bore his name. But, then we have to admit to ourselves, that we don’t. We just know his characters – Bob Hartley and Dick Loudon.

But, there is a group of really fortunate folks walking around out there that know the behind the scenes Bob. They’ve acted on TV shows with him. They’ve had dinner. They’ve golfed.

We asked some of those people, including Marcia Wallace, Peter Scolari, and Tim Conway to share their favorite Bob stories with us at the recent Academy of Television Arts and Sciences celebration of Newhart’s 50 years in show business. See what they had to say in this clip we shot and edited for the Archive of American Television.

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