Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calling All Film Buffs to the Guardian UK Contest

If you’re a movie buff who likes a good trivia challenge, have we got a video for you. In honor of their film season from September 24 through October 22, The Guardian and Observer are running a contest.

The task seems easy enough—identify the 26 films represented in the short animated film posted on the Guardian UK site. And, of course, they throw competitors a bone or two (it’s easy to identify The Godfather and The Big Lebowski). But for the most part, this challenge is really, really hard. After all, can you say with confidence whether the Bond film is Goldfinger or Goldeneye? Are the unmarked tapes just a transition to The Hidden or, perhaps, a nod to sex, lies and videotape?

Oh, and there seem to be hidden clues in the music and sound effects so be sure to crank up the sound.

If you think you have successfully identified all 26 films in the 85-second video, you can fill out the form and be entered to win a DVD of each of the titles.

We’ve included our ideas after the jump. But we’re not 100% confident in our answers so we’re dying to hear your thoughts.

Our guesses:

Edward Scissorhands

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