Monday, September 20, 2010

Florence Henderson's Dancing Accident

Typically the older contestants on Dancing with the Stars don't last too far into the season. But we have high hopes for this season's grand dame, Florence Henderson.

At age 76, America's favorite mom is taking to the dance floor with her partner Corky Ballas. Fans have already dubbed the duo Florky. And we think Flo's background in musical theater will keep her toes twinkling for a while this season.

Most fans only know her as Carol Brady, with the blonde shag and the mini-dresses. And they think her musical talent stretches only to the singing and dancing done on The Brady Hour by the swimming pool set with the fake Jan.

But Florence started on the stage in productions like The Sound of Music and The King and I. She spent most of her early career singing and dancing on every variety show known to man.

Take a look at this video that we edited for the Archive of American Television in which Flo describes working with Dean Martin and an unfortunate dancing mishap.

You can follow Florky's quest for the mirror ball trophy on her Twitter account and we will do a weekly update right here at Pop Culture Passionistas.

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