Friday, September 24, 2010

Jimmy Smits is an Outlaw

Photo by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Jimmy Smits is back on TV in the new series called Outlaw. In a recent interview with the actor, best known for L.A. Law and West Wing, he told us he's "excited to get another up at bat as far as television."

This time around Jimmy plays Cyrus Garza, a gambling playboy who also happens to be a Supreme Court Justice. Cyrus steps down from the bench to start a private practice and represent the little guy. The show will differ from other legal series in the kinds of cases Cyrus chooses to take on. Smits said the series will deal with substantive hot button issues like immigration and Miranda rights, but with a personalized lens.

After the jump, check out these video clips to see what else Jimmy had to say about the show including what cases he would want to cover on the series and why he is drawn to legal shows.

Jimmy Smits Discusses Outlaw

Jimmy Smits Discusses What Attracts Him to Legal Shows Like Outlaw 

Jimmy Smits What Separates Outlaw From Other Legal Dramas 

Jimmy Smits On The Real Life Legal Issue He'd Choose For Cyrus  

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