Monday, September 6, 2010

Prince Poppycock's Flawless Skin

Photo by Trae Patton/NBC

We sat down last week with America's Got Talent's top 10 finalist Prince Poppycock, the over-the-top powdered-wig-wearing opera/pop singer. And sure, there are the usual questions: How did you get started? Where do the ideas come from? Who are your influences? What will you do if you win?

But we had a very serious, burning question for the randy dandy. How does he keep his skin looking so gorgeous?

Poppycock sans make-up is John Quale, who has baby soft skin without a trace of a blemish. And not a whisker in sight. We're guessing a face that hair-free requires some big time laser hair removal.

We talked to John about how perfect his make-up is and he revealed, "Believe me there are some pictures out there of me in less than flattering situations. It took a long time to develop the make-up look and there's a lot of train wrecks along the way."

So how does Poppycock's achieve that flawless skin? He confided, "The secret is Powder, Powder, Powder."

He has always done his own make-up although now he has the assistance of the AGT crew. He commented, "White face is very difficult to achieve a nice finish. I direct the whole thing. I cut up my own eyebrows. I slice up the eye lashes. They help me with certain things. They have an airbrush here, which is brilliant because the worst thing is if you get a spot that comes off. It’s practically impossible once you’re powdered to go back in with the crème foundation to fill in the whole. With airbursh, that doesn’t happen. It just erases the spot."

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