Thursday, September 23, 2010

William Shatner Takes on Comedy on Sh*t My Dad Says (VIDEO)

William Shatner is a rare bird. Obviously, there’s the intensity of his performances that sets him apart stylistically from other actors. But there are also very few stars that have had the kind of success he’s had on TV—and in so many genres to boot.

First there’s the sci-fi, cult classic Star Trek, which spawned a legacy of Trekkies that is unparalleled in TV show fandom before or since. Then he cornered the legal drama market playing Denny Craig on Boston Legal. He’s even given the talk show his own Shat-spin with the sometimes painfully probing Raw Nerve.

But tonight, Bill tackles the sitcom. Besides a turn as the Big Giant Head on 3rd Rock from the Sun and a very memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live in ‘86, the Shakespearean-trained thespian, hasn’t really done a lot of multi-camera comedy.

So will $#*! My Dad Says (based on the wildly popular Facebook page of the same name) be as big a hit as his other shows have been? The reviews are mixed. And there’s been a lot of controversy about the series’ racy name, too.

But if you’re going to give the new Shatner show a chance, you should be warned that it comes with an added set of technical issues. According to the official CBS website for the show, DVR’s aren’t recognizing the special characters in the title. So you should be extra careful to go to the schedule (not the menu) and select the show by the time slot. 

And to warm you up, watch these clips of Shatner talking about some of his signature roles in these clips we edited for the Archive of American Television.

$#*! My Dad Says premieres tonight at 8:30 on CBS following The Big Bang Theory.

William Shatner on Denny Craig on Boston Legal

 William Shatner Discusses Raw Nerve

William Shatner Discusses 3rd Rock from the Sun

William Shatner Discusses Saturday Night Live

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