Friday, October 8, 2010

Danielle Keene on Top Chef: Just Desserts Week Four

Last night’s Quickfire challenge on Top Chef: Just Desserts seemed perfectly suited for contestant Danielle Keene. After all, the local girl who lives in South Pasadena not far from Burbank, California, is known for creating Ice Cream Shoppe Nights at Wilshire restaurant. And there it was, an ice cream sundae throwdown.

After an ironic meltdown from the very easily agitated Seth (which ended in him leaving the competition at producer’s discretion) the contest to start the ultimate sundae began.

With rocky road as her cold confection base, Danielle went with a Neapolitan flair—adding roasted strawberries, toasted almonds, and marshmallows. But despite her self-proclaimed aspirations to have an old-fashioned ice cream shop someday, she ended up in the bottom three. The judges just didn’t get the Neapolitan reference. Instead, Morgan took home the prize.

Since Seth was eliminated, so the last chef to be cut by the judges was allowed to return to the competition. Heather C. was happy to be back but was worried to be participating in a team challenge.

Translating the performance art of the Lucent Dossier Experience troupe, the chefs were tasked with creating a showpiece, supported by corresponding, individual desserts from each competitor.

Inspired by the sword swallowers, fire-eaters, and contortionists, the teams brought silky creations, with daring flavors, and flames. In the end, Team Morgan-Heather H.-Eric won the challenge with Morgan himself declared the week’s big winner. Team Zac-Heather C.- Malika end up in the bottom three. And although Heather is clearly on the chopping block again, Malika took one for the team and asked to be eliminated. And our local favorite, Danielle, lives to bake another week.

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