Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Make any Photo Pop with the Michael Bayifier

There aren’t many directors who get to make high profile, mega-budget action movies during their careers. And there are even fewer that go big the way Transformers helmer Michael Bay does. His name is practically synonymous with over-blown, effects-driven flicks.

He’s the king of fast cars, jet planes, and lots and lots of explosions.

So network executives might not be writing you a $100 million check anytime soon but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream big like Bay. And, now, you can get a tiny taste of Michael’s delicious extravagances with the Michael Bayifier.

At this uni-focused web destination, you can Bayify any photo you like by adding sports cars, fighter planes, explosions, guns, and even a movie star. Yes, that’s the Pop Culture Passionistas making a Shia LaBeouf sandwich in our Bayified photo.

But like most Michael Bay films, this one comes with a warning. We’re rating the Bayifier a TS for Time Suck. Trust us, once you start putting explosions on those photos of your old boss, the hours just slip away.

And just imagine the holiday card possibilities.

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