Monday, November 22, 2010

Help Current TV Create a New Series

Current TV is asking for your help. They want to revolutionize television and they need your input to do it. Video game legend Will Wright has created a new TV series called Bar Karma, about a mysterious time traveling watering hole and the patrons who are examining their karmic impact on the universe. The show is set to debut in February 2011 on Current TV. Wright and co-creator Albie Hecht describe it as a Cheers meets Quantum Leap meets Twin Peaks with a bit of The Twilight Zone.

And what's so special about this series, other than an intriguing plot? Well Creation Studios is developing the whole series with suggestions, pitches and votes from the audience. They are calling it "Community Developed Television."

In the introductory video Will Wright says, "It's an experimental project where we're seeing if a community of people on the internet can successfully create and perpetuate a TV series. What's the show about? What's the theme? What's the genre? All the way down to what are the storylines. So they are actually working on every episode down to the storyline level."

He adds, "The fans are creating a major portion of the show, but the production team is still free to insert their own creative stuff into it."

The main characters are sestablishment's owner Doug Jones, Dayna the waitress, and James the 20,000-year-old bar tender. They help guide patrons through personal crossroads in a kind of It's a Wonderful Life style journey of past, present and possible futures.

So if you've always wanted to work on a TV show, always dreamed of sitting in a writers' room, always hoped to see your visions reach reality, visit the Creation Studios website.

Once there you can join the Story Department and pitch an idea for an episode, help with the development of existing characters or choose historical figures who might visit the bar. Then the entire community will vote to choose the best characters and stories to move the plot forward. If the producers like your ideas enough, they might put your name in the credits.

If stories and characters aren't your thing, you can also join the Bar Karma Marketing Department and help develop a Facebook campaign, create ideas for product integration or suggest marketing copy.

Or if art is more up your alley join the Commissary where you can help decorate the walls of the bar or nominate faces to fill the picture frames on the walls.

But we're warning you, once you log in to the studio, you may never leave. Bar Karma is addictive. Guess that's what Will and Albie were counting on.

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