Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel’s National UnFriend Day

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is not happy that the word "friend" just doesn't mean as much as it used to. He believes that, thanks to Facebook, the designation has been completely devalued.

So he's calling on his fans and all of their... well, friends... to ditch all those digital hangers on that they really don't know. And to that end he's declared today, November 17, 2010, National UnFriend Day (aka NUD).

Early in his campaign, Jimmy asked people to unfriend a girl named Gina Lavato, who had 545 friends, because he said, “She has never, ever written a single interesting thing on her Facebook page.” The plan backfired and now she has almost 3,000 friends and there are groups like Gina Lovato has more friends on FB than Jimmy Kimmel and I wanna be Gina Lovato's friend but she is limited to 5000 friends.

So Jimmy's been calling in some real flesh and blood buddies to help spread the word about his cause. Pals like Danny McBride and one of pop culture's most famous Friends, Lisa Kudrow, have made videos in support of NUD.  

Heck, Jimmy’s even written the Declaration of Inde-friend-ence, which states that “all men are not created equal. Some men are very annoying.”

If you decide to hop on Kimmel's bandwagon, we support your decision wholeheartedly. But just don't dump us, okay? If you keep us, we'll prove what great friends we can really be—we'll help you move or drive you to the airport or something. Pinkie swear.

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  1. OK Jimmy I forgot to friend you because I really like your show! OOOPS but now I have to UNFRIEND you because you declared this unfriend day on Facebook and I don't really know you~~HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Maybe if you let me perform on your show though I might add you back on my friends list and "Like" you again....;-)