Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LeBron James Gets His Answers

We don’t write about sports that often but some pop culture stories are just too good to pass up. Such is the case with the latest episode in the LeBron James-fan feud that’s still raging in Cleveland.

To recap for all the non-sports enthusiasts in the crowd, James played basketball for the Cleveland Caveliers since 2003. He made promises to the fans the he would stay with the team until they took home the NBA championship. Then earlier this year LeBron suddenly up and left Cleveland to join the Miami Heat. And just in case you thought you missed it—no, the Cavs never did take home that elusive title.

Now whether or not LeBron made the right decision moving to Miami, really isn’t of concern to us. But what we do find fascinating is the fact that he decided to whine about the whole mess in a recent Nike campaign. In the “Woe Is Me” commercial (as we we like to call it) James asks the question “What Should I Do” (okay, so that’s what Nike calls it).

Well, good news/bad news, LeBron. The fans have spoken. Here are James’ original commercial and Cleveland’s responses to his questions. Do you get a sense they’re not over the whole mess yet?

What LeBron Asks:

How Cleveland Answers:

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