Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Had Me at Woof—Lessons Learned from Boston Terriers

We first learned about the new book You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness by Julie Klam through Denis Leary. More specifically through his post on Facebook directing his friends to the "Best Dog Book Cover of the Year."

Being huge dog fans, naturally we clicked on the link. It revealed what is truly the best dog book cover EVER! An adorable Boston terrier with an underbite and buggy eyes staring back at us, begging us to read the book.

Klam tells the story of the many Boston terriers she has owned and loved—Otto, Beatrice, Moses, Sherlock, and Fiorello—and the lessons she has learned from them.

After living with dogs of her own, the author began helping rescue dogs. She writes, "It was only when I began to help give voice to these creatures who cannot speak or ask for help for themselves that I felt that balance come into my own life."

The book just hit shelves on Monday. So do yourself a favor and grab a copy, hunker down with your favorite lap dog, and learn a few life lessons.

Check out this trailer for the book (yes, there are such a thing as book trailers now, who knew?) featuring Denis Leary and directed by his wife, author Ann Leary.

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