Friday, December 17, 2010

This Week's Inspirational Pop Culture Moments

Trae Patton/NBC

On Tuesday night Patrick House became the tenth Biggest Loser by dropping 181 pounds. House won $250,000 and the money will come in handy because the reality show contestant has been unemployed since January and was relying on his parents and in-laws to support his wife and two children.

In a recent conference call interview, House told us he plans on using the prize money to repay the debt to his family and to start a foundation to help fight childhood obesity. First up on the list of causes for the Patrick House Foundation is a joint effort with his new employer, Mind Stream Academy. The school in South Carolina is focused on working with overweight kids and offered House a job when they open in January 2011. The administrators will be building an entire program around him and his "Biggest Loser" experiences. House declared, "I'm going to be on top of this childhood obesity problem that… we have in this country."

He announced, "Through the school and through my… Patrick House Foundation, we're offering a $5,000 scholarship for any child across America that enrolls in Mind Stream Academy during the month of January 2011… And we're also hosting a contest for kids nationwide to write a letter in to me at the school explaining why they... need to be at Mind Stream Academy."

He explained, "We're going to pick one winner from all letters we get across the country and one lucky child will receive a full scholarship... courtesy of the Patrick House Foundation. I'm really excited about that. It's an excellent way for me to pay it forward."

He also revealed that his New Years' resolution has changed this year. Instead of a weight loss goal as in the past, he new intention is to "work on being a great father to my kids and a great role model to the kids at Mine Stream Academy."

He continued, "I really, really feel that this is an opportunity to make a difference in a lot of children's lives... I've always had a soft spot for kids in my heart and knowing now that I'm going to be able to, day in and day out in my career, make differences in these kids' lives is just a great feeling."

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