Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stiller & Meara on Pop Culture (VIDEO)

Move over Betty White there’s a new geriatric dynamic-duo in Tinseltown.

Younger pop culture fans might be surprised to learn that, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara are way more than just Ben Stiller’s mom and dad. Sure he’s also Frank Castanza on Seinfeld and Arthur Spooner from The King of Queens. But long before they were real life celeb parents or wacky TV patriarchs, the couple was one of the hottest comedy duos in the world.

The Second City Alum and Ed Sullivan Show regulars, have been performing together since the ‘60s and married since 1974. In addition to their numerous TV appearances and short lived ‘80s sitcom, they also had a series of syndicated five-minute videos that ran after “Saturday Night Live” in the ‘70s.

So the comedy team is not new to the world of shorts. But they are novices on the World Wide Web. As Jerry pointed out in their debut webisode, “This is like the first time we’re on Internet.”
Why have Stiller & Meara taken to the information superhighway in their 80’s? As Meara says to kick off the show, “We’re just gonna talk about what’s on our mind or whatever.”

That includes some senior friendly topics like Thanksgiving and obituaries. But Stiller & Meara aren’t going to shy away from topics the kids are talking about either. As Jerry said in episode one, “We’re gonna deal with the technology today like Spacebook.” They’ve also filmed webisodes about The Jersey ShoreMariHuana, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Lady Gaga.

To see all of their videos, produced by superstar son Ben, visit the Stiller & Meara page on Yahoo! Video. And watch their complete interview with the Archive of American Television at emmytvlegends.org.

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