Monday, February 21, 2011

Barbie and Ken – Together Again

Photo by madelineyoki

We all know one of those classic pretty girls. Silky hair, tiny waist, perfect wardrobe. And there’s no greater symbol of that impossible to achieve perfection than the Barbie doll. Yes she’s always had it all — including the ultimate boyfriend.

According to the official website, the plastic pair met in 1961 “on the set of their first television commercial together.” Ken was a skinny dude with dark hair and a waist almost as narrow as hers.

A much blonder and groovier Ken boogied by Barbi’s side in the ‘70s, until a brunette Dream Date dude stepped in one decade later. Yes, there’s was a fairytale romance.

Until, shockingly, on Valentine’s Day in 2004, they decided to take a break. Barbie moved on quickly to a new man from Down Under named Blaine, while Ken took to the web. There he trolled for new girls as the vinyl Casanova of social media.

But it seems Ken and Barbie were destined to be together and he embarked on a journey of grand gestures to win her back. Of course being the digital age, he started at dating site, which confirmed his suspicions that he and Barbie were perfect for each other. A reality show called “Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend” followed. And Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite sweet spot, Magnolia Bakery, designed a Barbie Cupcake just for her (and anyone with a spare $5 in their pocket). Next Ken took to the pages of Us Weekly with a two-page spread professing, “Barbie, I want you back.” He upped the ante on love assault with billboards and a Times Square Jumbotron message.

Finally it all paid off. Seven years to the day they said “I don’t,” Barbie and Ken got back together again. If you’re genuinely happy for them, and really who isn’t, you can go to their Facebook page or Twitter accounts and send them a congratulatory message. And stay tuned, maybe a wedding will soon be in the works.

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