Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coraline Creator Neil Gaiman and the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Most people know author Neil Gaiman from his children’s book turned animated movie Coraline and his Sandman comics. He’s also an accomplished writer of adult fiction like the fantasy novels American Gods and Anansi Boys. And Gaiman is one of the many artists who has embraced the Internet.

The greatest part of Gaiman’s site lies beneath the Cool Stuff & Things tab. Not only does the author dole out a few treasures every few months, but fans can simply hit refresh to get updated content within minutes of visiting.

There a reader can check out a short story about the princess Cinnamon who lived “a long time ago, in a small hot country, where everything was very old.” By clicking again, the The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds will load in its place.

An interview with Gaiman for Bloomsbury.com is replaced by one from the Internet Journal WritersWrite.com. Video clips rotate between Neil reading The Day the Saucers Came, Orange and an excerpt from The Graveyard Book.

An Essay by Gaiman on his collaborator on Coraline, Wolves in the Walls and more — illustrator Dave McKean, gets replaced by one called All Books Have Genders. This swaps out for one called How Dare You.

Among the podcast offerings are audio of Neil’s daughter Maddy interviewing him, one of the first chapter of Stardust and snippets from his Last Angel tour in New York City.

In addition to the ever-changing Cool Stuff & Things section, Neil maintains an online journal. There you’ll learn facts like “I worked out to Dickens” and “I read once that at minus 70 F, there is a gentle tinkling noise that your breath makes as it freezes and falls to the ground, but I am happy not to put this to the test.” He also answers fan queries in his blog segment called “Ask Neil.”

Visit NeilGaiman.com to unlock the author’s many treats.

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