Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shedding for the Wedding Is No Biggest Loser

We’re very excited for tonight’s premiere of Shedding for the Wedding. First of all, we love a good weight loss show. Secondly, we dig a romance. And thirdly, we really enjoy watching the dynamics of couples under pressure. So the Sara Rue hosted series is right up our alley. At a recent press event, the show’s Executive Producer Dan Broome talked about how Shedding differs from Loser, the amount of weight loss to expect and dream weddings.

Broome explained, “First and foremost, because our show does not deal with weight in numbers. We convert the weight loss into a percentage. So it equals the level it makes the playing field completely level for everybody.”

He continued, “If you weigh 100 pounds and you lose 10 pounds, you've lost 10 percent. And if I weigh 200 pounds, I need to lose 20 pounds to have that same 10 percent. So I have to lose more weight to hit the same number percentage-wise than you do.”

He dispelled the myth that heavier people lose more quickly, saying, “It could be said that bigger people could lose weight easily, but that's not necessarily true, as I've seen on Biggest Loser. And I've actually become an expert in the last eight years with this in my own way. Some of those people can't move the way a smaller person can. Some of those people can't do the cardio that a smaller person can. So there's advantages and disadvantages, but the way we deal with it for fairness is you get on a scale.”

While that format is similar to Loser, the size of the contestants is very different on Shedding. Broome revealed, “This is much more of a relatable weight loss, sadly I guess, for the average person out there, 50, 60, 70 pounds of weight on our typical contestant. In some cases, a little bit more, but for the most part, that's the average. So we're not only going to see reveals of weight loss, but I think we're going to be able to see some reveals of actually body sculpting in a way that we haven't seen, that I can't really even achieve on Biggest Loser, nor have I seen it on any other weight loss show yet. So I think the audience is going to be really inspired by this cast.”

Aside from the weight loss, Shedding is also about love. First of all, one lucky couple will get a pretty swanky consolation prize. “We're an eight episode series. So we're down to two couples. We will bring back all of our eliminated couples. We start with nine. Seven of them are going to get on a scale, and one couple is going to win a fantasy honeymoon.”

And then one of the sets of finalists will win the ultimate ceremony. “And then we're going to put our two finalists on the scale, and one of them is going to win the fantasy wedding. And it's all going to take place in that finale. So we're going to do a weigh in, and then we're going to literally crash into the mayhem of putting a wedding together 48 hours later with all of the elements of their theme.”

Each week the contestants plan another part of their dream wedding. The winning couple will see all of those elements come together for their special day. “Each one of these couples has a different wedding theme. There's a ‘fun and games’ theme where their whole life is about board games. That's what they've incorporated into their wedding. Or a ‘video game couple. That's how they met, online in a video game. Every element of their wedding has a video game component to it. It's very fun. And these wedding themes are a big deal right now, as I've learned. So we are going to do that in our finale.”

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