Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes

Photo by Angela George

Would you want to be in a kitchen with Charlie Sheen and a set of sharp knives? We wouldn’t. But we love his Funny or Die cooking show Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes.

Wearing a bright orange Tony the Tiger inspired chef’s hat and power smoking, the Rock Star Vatican Assassin explains why he’s whipping up tasty treats. “My plan is to be the first person to make an appearance on every television network.” And, of course, he needs to rub in his web prowess as well, adding, “Just like I was the first person to get one million Twitter followers in 24 hours.”

Plus he can’t resist throwing in a completely off the wall Sheenism, “Like I was the first to build my own rocket ship to Cassiopeia using only my mind tools.” Seriously, whoever paid to see his live show is going to be in for a treat.

Charlie will help wanna-be chefs make tough decisions like whether to cook in the “indoor kitchen – so it’s in the comfort zone” or “the outdoor kitchen.” Of course Sheen will be grilling since, as he points out “the spirits of my Adonis can fly above me and breathe fire onto the meal.”

If you want to see what Charlie calls a spatula and a bowl, check out the Funny or Die video:

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