Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Rockin’ Band Name Generator App

 By rittyrats

Everybody knows how to come up with their porn name by this point. You take the name of your childhood pet and pair it with the street you grew up on. We would be Chopper Ellsmore incase you’re wondering. But if you’ve been searching for a new name for your rock group, have we got a handy tool for you — the Band Name Generator App.

The possibilities are truly infinite given the 700 million-word vocabulary that the app has. And the cost will suit any emerging rock star’s budget – it’s free.

Our favorites so far our “Mineable Infirmary,” “Fizziest Bargain,” “Euphoric Sponge” and “Scared Headless.” And if you like part of your musical moniker but aren’t completely satisfied, you can double click on the text to call up the iPhone keyboard and make any changes you like.

We could easily get sucked in for hours so we try to limit our band name searches to long lines in banks and grocery stores. After all, we’re in no rush. Not only don’t we have a band, it’s going to be a long time before we learn how to play the guitar.

To download Band Name Generator visit the iTunes app store.

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