Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shock Top Beer Reimagines April Fools

Photo from Shock Top

The fine art of the April Fool's Day prank seemed like a thing of the past — until now that is. Shock Top beer, a brewery in St. Louis, Missouri, is bringing the gag holiday into the 21st century with the Shock Top Virtual Sip App.

This free download, lets you see just how gullible your friends really are. Visit iTunes or the Android Market, get the app and then find your victim. Explain that Shock Top has created software that lets you smell and even taste beer right on your smart phone. For the tasting part it's best if you get them to use their own mobile device, as they'll be licking the screen if you get them to fall for it. Shock Top promises to deliver their special blend of coriander, orange and citrus peel with its “revolutionary scent and taste technology.”

Shock Top’s marketing team came up with the app concept along with their creative agency Group360 in St. Louis. The geniuses at Coolfire Media, also in St. Louis, brought their dream to reality. The gang at Shock Top hopes that their beer will become the unofficial brew of April Fools' Day by letting their fans in on the excitement.

The best part of playing the Shock Top prank will be to see if users go along, so as not to look stupid, or admit that it tastes and smells like plastic. Plus after you and your gullible friend have had a good laugh over the joke, the app will help you find the location of the nearest real-life Shock Top retailer, so you can celebrate the stupidity of it all. April Fools.

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