Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spy Magazine Sneaks Onto the Internet

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump is probably not as excited as we are about the news that Spy Magazine has been digitized and put on line for all to read — and for free mind you. But if we had been repeatedly pummeled by the printed Daily Show precursor like the Donald had, we might not want it back in the collective consciousness.

Still if Trump we’re able to put his ego aside for a moment, the potential Presidential candidate might want to surface this Spy piece on page 49 of the January-February 1988 issue called “Nation to Trump: We Need You.” There the satirical mag said, “We have come to believe that a Donald Trump candidacy is viable… One in 25 Americans wishes Donald Trump were running for president.”

Always one to give the real estate mogul a dig, they continued, “Not too many of those, we like to think, said that just so they could pull up chairs to hoot and hiss.”

This time capsule of retro pop culture happens to mention the “It Bad Boy” of the moment, Charlie Sheen just 13 pages earlier – laying out the Sheen family tree and calling brother Ramon “soon-to-be-major.” Hopefully for Trump’s sake their seer was more accurate about politics than acting.

Check out all the issues of Spy magazine on Google.

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