Tuesday, May 10, 2011

45cat – A Site for True Music Lovers

 Photo by Jeremy Burgin

Where do music aficionados go now that there really aren’t many record stores around? Most have taken to the web to try to unearth hidden gems. Vinyl diehards should definitely take "45cat" for a spin.

As the website describes itself it’s an “
online archive dedicated to the magic of the vinyl seven inch single (or 7" or 45”).” There, music lovers can “discuss, rate, research or simply admire some of the 98,322 records we have on our database so far or help add some more.”

Visitors can search by Random Records or look through the Latest Updates. There they’ll find everything from Ray Conniff and His Orchestra’s single “Please” from 1959 to the Zombies’ “Imagine the Swan” from 1969 to the Thompson Twins’ “Sister of Mercy” from 1984.

The site is more than just a jukebox, it’s a community for audiophiles who want to dive deep into topics like the fact that The Who’s Eminence Front is “a studio 45 that has never been made and is definitely not Warner Brothers.”
Or how the Beach Boys’ “mid-'70's pressing of ‘Surfer Girl’... [is the] first appearance of Binaural Stereo Mix (Music to the left, all Vocals to the right)...even though label states MONO on both sides.”

Yes, this is not a site for the faint of heart. But if you can’t find that 45 you used to listen to over and over as a kid, you might want to swing by and see if it’s in the archives.

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