Monday, March 5, 2012

Can Paper Mate Help Prevent Office Crime?

Everyone has a dark side and here’s ours. We’re pen thieves. We’re not proud of it but we all know that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Luckily Paper Mate has a new campaign that might help us get over our issue a little more quickly.

Apparently we’re not the only people who like to lift a writing device now and then. According to Paper Mate, 70% of office workers report that their pens have gone missing. As their groovy infographic shows, there are surprising reasons that the culprits have given for their offenses.

Thanks to the legendary pen makers, we recently received a Pen Prevention kit that included a high-tech fingerprint safe, a pen theft prevention poster and an office crime watch decal. But best of all we got the new InkJoy pen.

Unfortunately if Paper Mate’s goal is to stop office theft, they shouldn’t have created the InkJoy. It writes with the smoothness of a gel pen but dries quickly, like a ballpoint. No wonder they’re predicting it will become the “World’s Most Stolen Pen.”

But don’t worry, if you suspect a co-worker of stealing your sweet writing implement there’s something you can do. Visit the InkJoy Facebook page and create a wanted poster of the potential crook. You can post it on your social networking sites or print out a copy for everyone in the office to see.

You’ll also be able to print out a number of crime prevention posters. These include handy “This area is protected by office crime watch” and “This pen cup holder is under 24 hour video surveillance” one sheets.

And whatever you do, lock that InkJet up at night. We can’t promise that we won’t take it we see it.

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