Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oprah's Golden Glow

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas

When we were in college we went to a U2 concert. That summer a friend worked security at all the big shows in Boston so we got into everything and even though we would listen to the band's songs on the radio, we weren't huge fans.

We ended up in the tenth row that night and had perfect seats to witness the phenomenon that we had heard so much about — Bono's magnetism live. He wasn't flashy and it was before he became a bit of a caricature of himself. And no one in the audience could take their eye off of him.

We'd never seen anything like it until yesterday when Oprah Winfrey took the stage at the Peabody Opera House and whipped the crowd into a feel good frenzy that has to be experienced to be truly understood.

We left Bono behind at Boston Garden and never really reconnected with U2's music after that night. But the Lifeclass energy is likely to linger.

This morning was the perfect indication that that would be the case. As we loaded into the shuttle at 5:15 a.m. to go to the airport and head home, not a single, sleepy person in the shuttle was saying a word. But when the driver asked if anyone had been to the Oprah show, the van lit up.

Suddenly six strangers became the best of friends. Everyone was sharing their personal accounts of what their experiences meant to them. And suddenly it felt like it was the middle of the day and we were meeting for lunch with pals.

We're fascinated to see how Oprah's golden glow will work it's magic in the same fashion in New York. All we can think as we wing our way home is that we're glad that Oprah is using her powers for good and not evil.

Check it all out on Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. Central on OWN.

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