Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the Red Carpet with the Cast of Homeland

Fans go crazy over the Golden Globe-winning series Homeland. And while the broadcast is on hiatus, the cast and crew are hard at work in production on season two. They also recently walked the red carpet at a Television Academy of Arts and Sciences event. We were there on behalf of the Archive of American Television and tried our hardest to get a few tidbits about next season.

While no one offered us any concrete plot points, we got a few hints that are hopefully enough to wet your whistle. Executive Producer Alex Gansa offered up this insight. "Carrie and Brody are going to be front and center again. That relationship, that story hasn't been told entirely yet so we're back in that same pool. Carrie will be involved peripherally in the intelligence community. She probably won't be welcomed back into the agency per say and it's going to be an exciting year."

His partner and Executive Producer Howard Gordon revealed, "We're shooting the first couple of episodes in Israel... it's exciting to take advantage of the fact that the show is about the CIA and we're going to take advantage of the international scope of the story."

David Harewood, who plays the Counterterrorism Center Director David Estes, said, "I've heard some rumors and even the rumors are making me excited because [there's] so many possibilities. And it's one of those shows when you think, 'Where on earth are they going with this?'... The tension and suspense, I don't think it's going to stop."

Watch all of the interviews with the cast and crew at the Archive's YouTube playlist. Season two of Homeland will be back on Showtime in September of 2012.

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