Friday, May 25, 2012

Giuliana Rancic and Andy Cohen Share Their Passions

Photo by Richard Harbaugh 

As people who have gone to great lengths to follow our passions, we always love to hear what matters most to the celebrities we get to talk to. In a recent conference call interview we spoke with the returning Miss USA hosts, Giuliana Rancic and Andy Cohen, and found out the three things they are each most passionate about.

Not surprisingly, Giuliana picked time with her real life love and reality TV costar, Bill Rancic, as her top choice. She remarked, “One of them is hiking with my husband. I know that sounds so lame but it's true. I love being with my husband. We're best friends. It's kind of amazing. In six years we've barely had a fight. We're just best friends. We're very compatible.”

She continued, “And there's nothing I love more than just being alone in nature with a gorgeous view of like Malibu in Los Angeles with my husband and just talking about life. So I love doing that.”

Giuliana went back to her roots for her second choice, “I love going to Italy. And one of my passions is going to Italy and just taking in the culture. I was born in Naples, Italy, so we go back a lot, my husband and I. We just love to sit in a Piazza and take in the culture and eat until we are blue in the face.”

And the E! News correspondent gave a shout out to her job as well. She revealed, “To be honest, I love the behind the scenes of what happens at E! Like right now I'm dealing with today's content for our show tonight as Managing Editor and I love that. That's one of my biggest passions is producing and you know putting a show together every night.”

She added, “It's not easy to put together a one hour show but we have an amazing team. And I love being part of the first steps of producing the show and seeing it play out that night. It's a great feeling.”

As for her Miss USA counterpart, Andy’s first choice was quite the opposite of Giuliana’s. He acknowledged, “I have a house in Sag Harbor on Long Island and one of my passions is just going there and just kind escaping and going really underground and chilling out and having some Andy time alone. And shutting the heck up, which I never do.”

Devotees of the pop culture fanatic might find his second passion surprising. He revealed, “I love boxing. It's really great. It's a really good stress release for me.”

And the Watch What Happens Live host’s final pick pointed too a more simple, and less athletically challenging, pleasure. “I love long walks on the beach.”

Catch Giuliana and Andy as they help one young girl follow her passion all the way to the Miss USA crown when the pageant airs on June 3 at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. Central on NBC.

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