Wednesday, June 20, 2012 — Changing the World One Feat at a Time

Have you ever set a goal for yourself, but just got too overwhelmed by the steps it took to get there? Well there's a new website that just might be able to help. helps break down your larger goals into "Feats," baby steps you can take every day to become your best self and help build a better world. Users of can work towards achieving personal goals in an inspiring and fun way. Simply log on, make a list of feats you want to commit to and then keep track of your accomplishments.

And the best part? As you move along the path towards your goal, you not only gain confidence, self-respect and pride, you also earn rewards. These points are redeemable for things like subscriptions to O Magazine, discounts at Walgreens, coupons for Tommy Hilfiger purchases or gift cards to eBay, iTunes, Home Depot, Starbucks and many more.

Or if being your best self makes you feel generous, you can donate your rewards to worthy causes like the American Heart Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Companions for Heroes. Plus as a Passionistas reader, if you sign up now using the code "popculturepassionistas100," you automatically get 100 points just for creating a account. That's $2 donated to the charity of your choice or 15% off at the MTV shop.

Using is easy. After you create an account start browsing the list of feats. When you see something that you'd like to tackle, add it to your dock. By doing this you're making a promise to yourself that you will try to complete this task and make it a habit. When you've accomplished a feat, check-in that you've done it and start earning points. defines a feat as "actions that make a substantive contribution to good, proven either by accepted science or common sense to be beneficial to people and their communities." They cover all aspects of life including parenting, food, finances, fitness, health and giving back.

In addition to choosing your own feats, you can join a challenge. and their partners have come up with timely ways for you to do good and test yourself. The challenge will outline the feats you need to accomplish and the time period you have to complete them. Some of the partners involved include The Oprah Magazine Summer Reading Challenge, Ebay's Cash in Your Clutter Challenge and, our personal favorite, Ian Somerhalder's Favorite Feats.

To join in the Vampire Diaries star's challenge you will need to commit to completing nine feats including speaking for your beliefs, being kind, signing a petition and caring for your pet. There are just 14 days left to earn 100 points from Ian's challenge.

The website describes the company's mission, "Our purpose is to make positive change part of everyday life. Together with our partners, DailyFeats offers a way for everyone and anyone to take action toward a better life and a better world."

Why not give it a try. Log on to to get started.

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