Friday, July 13, 2012

Carli Davidson Photographs Animals Like Never Before

Photo by Carli Davidson

There's a collection of photos making its way around the Internet lately. At first they seem slightly grotesque, until you realize what they are. Carli Davidson's images are are those of animals mid-shake. That she even caught these high-speed, typically invisible, moments is extraordinary, but the shots are beautiful works of art and highly entertaining.

The "Shake" Collection makes up just a small portion of Carli's portfolio. An experienced animal trainer, her website is full of images of all kinds of animals, and not just in motion. As a freelance photographer for the Oregon Zoo some of her subjects include porcupines, owls, elephants and snakes. She also has a series on pets with disabilities and another called Pride Northwest, featuring members of the LGBT community and their four-legged friends.

At the very least be sure to visit her site and check out the images online, but we're betting you'll have a hard time resisting the opportunity to own one of Carli's images for yourself. For just $35-50 you can buy an 10 x 14 print all your own and 10% of all proceeds goes to her selected charity of the month. Right now it's Best Friends Animal Society hoping to stop the epidemic of homeless animals.

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