Friday, July 20, 2012

Kimberly Cole Let’s Keith Apicary Fly His Freak Flag in Her New Video

Step aside Chris Crocker and lonelygirl15, there’s a new Internet sensation in town. His name is Keith Apicary and he has some pretty sweet moves. Okay, his name is actually Nathan Barnatt and he’s an actor-comedian but his dancing is what’s making him a star. If you’ve never seen him in action, just watch Kimberly Cole’s new video “U Make Me Wanna” (above). In a recent exclusive interview the pop singer talked about Keith’s audition, changing the concept for the project and the friendship that’s blossomed between the like-minded artists.

Kimberly explained that it all started like all of her other videos had, “I have a large Twitter following so we were looking for a couple of dancers for the video and decided to do auditions. And I posted on my Twitter and my Facebook because I respond to everybody. So I do get people who ask me things about auditions or whatnot. So I put it on there.”

Kimberly recounted the day she met Keith Apicary, “This guy walked in… He was like 45 minutes early. He had a stopwatch and this amazing outfit on. And I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ He was so precious to me. And I was inside and about an hour later when the auditions started he was waiting outside talking to everybody… He first started dancing with this stopwatch in his hand. So I was like, ‘Okay this is amazing.’ Everything just happened magically.”

Although she had never heard of Keith or Nathan, she new that there was a story behind it all. Kimberly remarked, “I caught on that there was something going on but it was so hilarious. He’s a fan of me and a fan of my music. So I was happy that he actually saw that Twitter.”

She was so into Keith’s vibe that she and her team revised their original concept so they could work with him. She recalled, “We ended up having this treatment that we already had… You obviously don’t expect this Napoleon Dynamite looking character to be so damn good. He was actually better than some of the dancers who were auditioning. So we went ahead and said, ‘We have to book him.’ And we reworked our treatment altogether and pushed our date back to collaborate and it was the best thing ever.”

While on the surface it might seem like the glamorous pop star and the geeky comedian wouldn’t have anything in common, Kimberly revealed that’s far from the case. “As an artist, we all have different sides to us. All of his characters are just different sides of his personality — so even when he’s Nathan, he’s kind of Keith, too. He’ll say that he’s just an exaggeration of himself as the real Nathan. And he puts the mom jeans and the sweatshirt on and Keith is born… We’re great friends. We have so much fun collaborating.”

But Kimberly isn’t the only one who’s onto Keith’s charm. Her Atlantic label-mate Flo Rida also featured him in his latest video for “Let It Roll.” But the Bad Girls Club singer explained that the concepts are not similar. She noted, “Flo Rida’s video is just Keith doing his amazing moves. But in my video, he’s replacing a dancer that I punched in the face and saves the day. I love that there are two different concepts.”

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