Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Take a Tour of Films and Songs Thanks to We Are Dorothy

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When we first arrived in Hollywood those many years ago, we had barely unpacked our luggage before we headed out Beverly Hills to buy a map of the stars homes. We loved driving by all of the mansions that were once graced by everyone from Jimmy Stewart to Jimmy Cagney. But we got most excited when we’d drive by the corner of “Sunset and Camden,” the intersection that Debbie Reynolds blurted out to Gene Kelly in “Singing in the Rain.”

Of course, that was one of the few destinations mentioned in a film that actually existed in the real world. Most are just figments of some filmmakers imagination — until now.

Thanks to the British design firm, We Are Dorothy, cinema lovers can finally look at a film map of all those made up movie places. The chart covers all the territory from Jurassic Park to Reservoir Dogs.

Wondering how you can get from Carlito’s Way to the Road to Perdition? Simply hang a right on the Miracle on 34th Street. Dying to visit The Killing Fields? Hop on The Thunder Road — it runs right through it. And, of course, the Paths of Glory lead right to Mean Streets.

This isn’t We Are Dorothy’s first foray in the pop culture mapping world. They created a similar song map as well. Needless to say that the major thoroughfares include the “Long and Winding Road,” “Penny Lane” and “Highway 61 Revisited.” But those more willing to travel off the beaten path will be able to discover “Maccarthur Park,” “Cry Me a River” and that long fabled “Rose Garden” that no one ever promised you.

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