Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr. Ryan Stanton Takes a Risk on Plastic Wives

  Courtesy of Dr. Ryan Stanton
Too many, the thought of having plastic surgery seems like a shallow pursuit. That’s not the case with Dr. Ryan Stanton. The Medical Director and founder of The Modern Institute of Plastic Surgery &Anti Aging (MIPS) knows that having work done on the outside can truly transform a person on the inside. Now he’s taking that message to an unusual platform — reality TV. Dr. Stanton will be one of the featured players on the new TLC series Plastic Wives.

Dr. Stanton explained that the series “came about as just another knockoff, if you will, of the housewives of this or that shows that have been around for the last five plus years. So it's essentially the housewives of plastic surgeons show.”

He recalled how he was approached to be on the program, “Because everything in Hollywood is just next door here to Beverly Hills, they first found local surgeons to cast. I was fortunate enough to be one of those that at least had a presence on the Internet and being on other shows from The Doctors show to Montel Williams and Extra and a couple of news pieces.”

The renowned-plastic surgeon continued, “They give me a call a couple of times and pitched the show to me. And I thought it sounded like a reasonable idea to at least entertain. And then after we met and started going forward, I was really excited about being a part of it from a professional, educational standpoint as opposed to being exploited as another reality show star.”

Of course he had his concerns about signing on to a non-scripted show. Dr. Stanton conceded, “There's always reservations being on TV because unlike an actor or actress, where for most of them there is no such thing as bad press, there is such thing as bad press for a professional, especially in the world of medicine.”

So he took his time to insure that he was making a smart business decision. “I wanted to make sure in speaking with them several times that the idea of the show was going to be more to educate and enlighten people and to give them a flavor of the lifestyle.”

Joining the cast along with his ex-wife and business partner, Frances Marques, Dr. Stanton wanted to approach the show from the perspective of “a housewife of the plastic surgeon, as opposed to making it more about a lot of controversy and arguments and making people look, shall we say in this sense, unprofessional. So I made it a point in my conversations, as well as in my contract, to definitely keep things as professional and ethical as possible.”

And the Racine, Wisconsin, native is hoping that he’ll convey a sense to Middle America that plastic surgery “isn't just for vanity and is not for just for rich people.” As Dr. Stanton acknowledged many of his patients not only look better on the outside but also benefit from “an enhanced sense of self and well-being and self-esteem.” 

In addition to his work at the The Modern Institute of Plastic Surgery & Anti Aging (MIPS) and on Plastic Wives, Dr. Stanton is an author and entrepreneur. His new book Read My Lips, exploring one of his most popular procedures, is available on And he’s launching a natural weight loss pill and a high-tech skin care product.

To find out more about Dr. Stanton visit his website. Follow Dr. Stanton on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. And stay tuned for details about Plastic Wives on  

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