Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jane Seymour Talks About Forever and Glen Campbell

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We were happy to hear this week that ABC’s Forever has just received an order for another nine episodes making it a full season. We are intrigued by the premise of the immortal medical examiner and look forward to discovering more about his mysterious past. On tonight’s episode the legendary Jane Seymour guest stars as a love interest for Judd Hirsch’s Abe.

We had the chance to speak with Jane about doing the show. She told us, “I thought the character was really fun and really something I could get my teeth into but at the same time something that could possibly be a bigger role one day.”

Jane plays Abe’s twice ex-wife, Maureen Delacroix. She explains “She’s basically trouble for Abe… She’s realized that in finding the right partner, no one ever’s been quite as good as Abe... So now she wants to get him out of his life and travel the world with her. But he knows she’s trouble.” Lucky for us, the producers asked her if she would be available to do more shows, so it seems like things are not quite settled with Abe and Maureen.

They must have picked up on the instant chemistry between Jane and Judd. “I did all my scenes in one day. And obviously, they’re pretty intimate. It’s quite interesting. From the moment I met Judd somehow or other we hit it off. We worked really well together. She seduces him and he just does not want to be seduced but he just gets suckered right in.”

The actress, best known for her ‘90s TV series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is as passionate about her work behind the camera as she is acting in front of it. Most recently she co-produced the documentary I’ll Be Me: The Glen Campbell Story with her ex-husband James Keach. After announcing he had Alzheimer’s, Glen set out on farewell tour, which is documented in the film.

Jane recalled, “At first we thought this would be a very depressing story but then when we met him, he was a very, very, funny, amazing, uplifting guy. We followed him for a year and half, thinking it was going to be five weeks, and ended up with an amazing documentary that makes you laugh and cry. And it’s on a very important subject, the fact that there’s no cure currently for Alzheimer’s… I saw it last night for the hundredth time and there was a standing ovation and people were actually cheering in the middle of the film and laughing out loud. So I do hope it gets a wide audience.”

Her passion shows through while talking about the project, so it is not surprising that she revealed to us, “I’m most passionate about things like being able to bring awareness to things like Alzheimer’s. I do my Open Hearts collection, which really speaks to a concept of taking a challenge in life and using that as an opportunity to help other people. With all the change and uncertainty in life, I’m a very positive person. And my mother, who went through a lot of terrible things in her life, taught me how to turn lemons into lemonade, how to think out of the box and how to live in the moment and appreciate every moment you have and be creative with it, and find your happiness.”

It is this passion that inspired her choice for which pop culture icon she would be for one day if she could. She answered, “Audrey Hepburn because I felt we had something in common. She was  a dancer, her mother was Dutch and she also made such a huge difference when she worked with UNICEF. She would have been fun because she ticks off all the boxes I’m already interested in.”

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Tune in to Forever tonight on ABC at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. Central.

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