Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Biggest Loser's Koli Palu was a Sore Loser

Photo by Trae Patton/NBC

When America votes for someone else over you, it's got to hurt. Especially after having weight and self-esteem issues all your life. So it must have been hard for Koli and Daris to wait and see which of the two  America chose to be in the final three.

When the dapper pink pants-clad Koli punched and growled his way through the life size photo of his former self, he said to The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney, "Don't mistake my confidence, my swagger, for being cocky." Sadly for Koli, that's exactly what America did and why they chose sweet, adorable, dimple-faced Daris to be in the final three and eliminated Koli from the race for Biggest Loser.

For the rest of the evening, and despite winning the $100,000 At-Home Prize, Koli pouted like a sore loser, barely speaking when spoken to. After beating out Darrell and Sherry for runner-up status, all he had to say was, "I just want to go home and be with my family." A nice sentiment if only he had said it without a scowl on his face.

Sadly for Koli, if he had come across as a little more likable, he may have made it into the final three. Had that happened he would have taken home first place with the highest percentage of weight loss at 53.35%.

But enough about pouty, sore losers. Let's talk about triumphant Biggest Losers. Would anyone have thought that the heaviest guy in the house, weighing in at 526 pounds, could ever win the title? Mike lost 50.19% of his body weight, dropping a total of 264 pounds. And while his journey hit some rough patches of self doubt and frustration, he emerged as half the man he used to be sporting a bejeweled skull belt buckle around his now svelte waist.

A few other highlights in case you missed it:
- Daris (who had never kissed a girl before coming to the ranch) now has a beautiful blonde girlfriend, Heather.
- Erik (the Season 3 contestant who regained all the weight) is back down over 150 pounds.
- Shay (the Season 8 player and the heaviest women to ever compete) lost another 52 pounds and gained a $52,000 check from Subway — which she can double if she runs a marathon by year's end.
- O'Neal (who used to walk up stairs like a two-year-old, with both feet landing on each step) skipped down the stairs to show off his new bod.
- Sherry continued the pink lady streak of major transformation from chubby housewife to downright skinny, hot mamma.
- Sam and Stephanie, continuing The Biggest Loser matchmaking streak, are now an item, living healthfully ever after.


  1. don't bash koli becasue you are jealous of his success. he is an amazing man and a true inspiration. the only loser i see here is you. grow up you jerks

  2. I just didn't see Daris as the "sweet, adorable, dimple-faced" guy and I'm having such a hard time seeing why everyone thought Koli was so cocky. Was Koli's attitude so repugnant to the voters that they preferred to give their votes to someone who binge ate at night? I guess so.

  3. I think that the reason America did not vote for Koli wasn't because he was cocky. I think it was simply because Daris was a white kid from the mid-west and Koli wasn't.

    Koli had the highest percentage of weight loss over Daris on last week's show and again at the finale.

    There should be no vote at this stage of the game. It should be on merit only not on popularity. Hopefully next year the producers will correct this fault in the show and make it about being the "biggest loser" only. If I had to take second prize and know that I actually had the biggest weight loss I would be sulking, too, as most people would be.

    I like Daris and always cheered for him but I think Koli should have been in the final three and therefore won the $250k.

  4. Is this a trick question? Is Koli a sore loser? YES!!

    Koli was so rude.

    I'm happy he won the 100K but he was extremely rude on stage to Ali Sweeney. Ali had to beg him to speak.

  5. Let's not forget that it was Koli that got jealous of Sam and Steph's relationship and manipulated Andrea and Ashley into believing she was some how manipulating them. In a People article Stephanie said the girls called and apologized when the episode aired but Koli has yet to do so.

    That's just wrong, and a little creepy that your obvious man crush and unhealthy dependancy on your own cousin would make you try to sabatoge his happiness. Koli was as lowdown as the annoying redneck girl on the red team.

  6. He was rude ...Period!!! No thank yous, No show of appreciaton, no nothing other than he wanting to go home... Never in the past 8 years has someone been so ... Rude lets just put it that way!!!!!

  7. You know what? Everyone handles competition different ways. I have met Koli, and although he comes off as cocky, he is a sweet, humble guy just like Daris. Koli just had his eye on the prize and was tough about it.

    I praise both Koli AND Daris and their continued success. <3

  8. I didn't vote that night because I knew it would go to Daris - and I knew it would look like a race issue. The bottom line is that Koli shot himself in the foot... The people who are overweight who watch the show could sympathize with Daris' binge eating and couldn't get behind Koli's insincerity and seeming desire to win the show just for the "confetti moment" rather than a true life change.

  9. Koli showed both his heart and his determination the whole season long. His heightened emotions/competitiveness at the end of the season shouldn't cloud the amazing example he set for 5-6 months straight. Come on, people...He set the tone for the WHOLE season, inspired everyone else on the show to focus on the long-term goal of improving their lives/health/potential and to help each other toward that goal rather than the title "Biggest Loser" Have you knuckleheads forgotten all of that already? He said it was "humbling" to ask to be voted in by viewers, while Daris--as wonderful as he, too, proved himself to be--cried at his failings and asked for another chance. I think America was threatened by Koli's ferocity and pitied poor Daris. Says more about the viewers than about Koli. And I suspect that Koli was stunned, maybe even embarrassed, by how it all worked out on the finale, more than just plain "rude." KOLI: you inspired me with your behavior all season long every week with your insight and depth; you are an amazing man and fantastic example, no matter what the knuckleheads say.

  10. Koli's weight loss was turned in to ego. A little too cocky for my taste. I am glad Daris won.

  11. The whole Stephanie incident was unfortunate and I did lose some respect for Koli. However, throughout the competition Koli wore his heart on his sleeve. After months of competition, I believe he was just overwhelmed, not rude--much like his reaction after finishing the marathon or his inability to express to Sam how he felt when Sam was up for elimination the first time. Congratulations to Koli and the other contestants for an amazing accomplishment.

  12. Koli Was robbed. Daris was a big Sissy He never kissed a girl because he was a big Cry baby. He got now has a girlfriend because he was on this tv show.

  13. Koli put the islanders to shame, be Humble and think of where you came from!!!! Karmas a B!! huh
    choohoo to that Uce