Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Will Be Declared the Best Sitcom Ever?

We’ve probably made ourselves pretty clear on this point by now. But since neither The Dick Van Dyke Show nor The Mary Tyler Moore Show made the final list of five in the Best Sitcom Ever contest, we were faced with a difficult choice.

Did we go with one of our formative year favorites and pick M*A*S*H? Should we indulge our sentimental side and pick the Boston based show we used to watch with our Mom during our New England high school days – Cheers? Was our grown-up guilty pleasure Friends worthy of top choice? Or should we do our brother proud and pick his all time favorite Seinfeld?

In the end, we put serious thought into the show we felt had the greatest impact and, at the end of the day, shaped all the sitcoms that followed? We clearly could not deny that we loved Lucy.

If I Love Lucy doesn’t win we’re going rogue Lucy and Ethel and stuffing our faces with chocolate covered bonbons. Okay, even if it does win we’ll probably do that but we won’t feel as guilty about it.

To vote for the Best Sitcom ever go to

The ultimate winner will be announced next Tuesday so time is of the essence.

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