Monday, May 10, 2010

Your Art Could Be on Parks and Recreation

We've been giving Parks and Recreations' Ron Swanson, aka Duke Silver, and his mustache a lot of love lately. And we feel like we need to impart equal time to our other favorite Pawnee resident, Andy Dwyer, played brilliantly by Chris Pratt.

The shoe shine boy and ex-pit inhabitant is hot off a one-city (Pawnee), two-stop tour with his new band Mouse Rat (formerly Scare Crow Boat). And now you can do your part for Andy's band.

The good folks at P&R are holding a Mouse Rat album cover design contest. Feel like you have what it takes to convey the artistry and pure musical genius that is Andy's band? The winning entry will be featured on an upcoming episode of the show. Log on to the Parks and Recreation website for more details.

And if you need inspiration, watch this new Sex Hair video and download a few Mouse Rat songs. And be sure to check out Andy's blog, especially the page where he lists his favorite songs (all dictated to April of course, because he doesn't like to type).

The best part of the blog is, it's free. As Andy dictated to April, "Every few weeks I'm going to make a list of the songs I'm listening to and tell you why they're awesome. What is it going to cost you? Absolutely nothing. Wait – fifty bucks! No, screw it, I already said nothing. Fine, nothing. Here we go!"

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