Friday, July 9, 2010

Russell Brand Shaved the Trademark Scruff for Arthur

Paparazzi snapped shots of Russell Brand on the New York City set of the Arthur remake... sans beard. Apparently in order to play the role originally created by Dudley Moore in the 1981 film, Russell Brand had to do a little facial hair removal.

That trademark scruffy mustache and goatee are gone. Just a hint of a five o'clock shadow remains. He also trimmed his famous tresses. Wonder how his fiancé Katy Perry feels about the new look? Maybe she'll write a new song "I Kissed a Shaved Face and I Liked It."

The story is essentially the same. A drunken, womanizer billionaire must marry someone wealthy to keep his inheritance, but falls in love with a poor girl. The remake also stars Greta Gerwig as Brand's love interest (Liza Minelli was Moore's leading lady). Helen Mirren plays the butler originally created by Sir John Gielgud (who won an Oscar for the role). Jennifer Garner plays the woman Brand is supposed to marry (Jill Eikenberry in the first film) and Nick Nolte will play Gerwig's dad (a part created by Stephen Elliot in Moore's version).

Rumor has it that "Arthur's Theme" will make a reappearance in the new film, but we are waiting to hear if Liza will do a cameo. Fingers crossed. Watch for the movie sometime in 2011.

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