Friday, August 6, 2010

Sarah Trost Survives on Week 2 of Project Runway

Photo courtesy of Lifetime

As promised, we’re keeping an eye on our Project Runway hometown girl, Sarah Trost, who lives in Burbank, California adjacent Toluca Lake. She made it through week two of two on the cutthroat design series last night. The 27-year-old costume designer continued to fly under the radar while Gretchen won her second challenge in a row and Jason and Nicholas were sent packing.

Sarah got a little more face-time in Episode 2 than she did in the season opener last week. In fact, the show started with her explaining how physically taxing the show is. She complained, “So I wake up this morning and I am dead. Like literally dead. Like take my pulse. It’s not there. Zombie sort of thing.”

And, despite a seven season run, she finally seems to have cracked the nutshell that is the point of Project Runway. She explained, “I’m pretty sure this show is not about fashion design. It’s about public torture of designers on television.”

Luckily Trost didn’t seem to suffer too much pain in last night’s episode. The challenge was to design a dress for a Marie Claire Times Square billboard. The look was meant to define the magazine’s target audience, “She’s intelligent. She’s practical. She’s fashion forward, confident, and sexy.”

While Trost designed a sleek, pencil-skirted dress, with a successfully bold flash of orange, she was simply declared safe in the challenge. The good news was, she wasn’t in the bottom three. That distinction went to Jason for his “infinity” dress, Nicholas for his backless shirt and cape ensemble, and Peach for her pink
polka dot dress. Peach was the only designer to sidestep elimination.

Sarah also didn’t rate among the best. The most successful designs were Mondo’s flirty tweed skirt, Valerie’s chic red trench dress, and Gretchen’s ultra-hip (and winning) jumpsuit.

Still Trost’s design showed a lot of promise and it looks like she’ll be around for many weeks to come. Join us next week and we’ll let you know where things stand with Sarah. 

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