Monday, November 1, 2010

Pee-wee’s on Broadway and Online

Courtesy of the Pee-wee Herman Website

Pee-wee Herman has actually been on Twitter over a year. But after a strong start last fall, Pee-wee’s techo-bug kind of petered off… or is it Tweetered off? Maybe he was just a little too busy with the one-man show he mounted in Los Angeles in January of 2010.

Well, he’s taken the show to Broadway and is back online—aggressively. In addition to Twitter, he’s cruising Facebook and earning his FourSquare badges, too. Pretty forward thinking for a guy whose favorite mode of transportation is a good, old fashioned bicycle.

So what’s Pee-wee up to in his web offensive?

Well, he’s following all the wacky holidays fans have posted including International Chocolate Day (September 13), National Line Dance Week (September 12 through 17), and even Collect Rocks Day (September 16).

He’s promoting his appearances on shows like Regis and Kelly and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

And, he’s keeping fans up-to-date on his every move. That last one kicked into high gear on October 6 when he did a whirlwind tour of NYC including a stop at the Brooklyn Bridge, a trip to the American Folk Art Museum, and a visit to M&M’s World.

As of October 26, Pee-wee’s settled down for a few weeks. He’s at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre through January 2. To get tickets, visit his official website.

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