Monday, November 29, 2010

Still Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift?

So you’ve made it through Black Friday with only a couple of bruises and minor lacerations. But did you get something special for everyone on your list? Probably not.

We know that we’re always scrambling at the last minute to get the perfect gift for the men in our lives. After all, what do you get the guys that already have us?

Luckily for us the DIY Network series Cool Tools recently aired a holiday special with a lot of dandy home improvement devices. Host and hardware expert Chris Grundy made a slew of great gadget recommendations that we thought we’d pass on to you.

There just might be a gizmo to fill that open space under the tree.

And check out Cool Tools on DIY.

Philips Solar Powered LED Lights: Solar-powered holiday LED lights are the perfect decoration for your house with no energy costs or outlets needed.
Price: Approx. $20

Philips LivingColors: Set the holiday mood with this multi-colored light.
Price: Approx. $200

Vest-Tech Tool Vest: This tool vest allows you to wear your tools in a vest instead of on your belt.  It has extra back support and a hydration system.
Price: Approx. $250

Bosch Laser Distance Measure: This auto tool is simple, easy, quick and precise. It can measure up to 230 ft. in distance for length, volume and area.
Price: Approx. $200

Craftsman Nextec Multi-Tool: This versatile, 12 volt multi-tool is ideal for cutting, scraping, sanding, grinding, removing grout and more.
Price: Approx. $100

Irwin Quick Adjust Wrenches: Unique quick adjusting wrenches with grooved jaws, a comfortable grip and a hang hole for easy wall storage.
Price starting at $15

Irwin GrooveLock Pliers: Simple push of innovative press-n-slide button adjusts lower jaw 2X faster than traditional groove joint pliers.
Price starting at $12
Quickloader Ratcheting Strap: Strap, fasten and release. This is a new, revolutionary strapping system that gives all types of cargo the ultimate security.
Price: Approx. $20

Krinner Tree Stand: A tree stand that makes it easy to keep your tree standing straight.
Price: Approx. $80

Xtend & Climb Ladder: A compact ladder that stores in your closet, but can also extends to lengths of 3½ to 15½ feet.
Price: Approx. $180

Vika Quickbench: A lightweight, portable, easy set-up workbench or workstation capable of holding up to 300 lbs.
Price: Approx. $90

RotoZip RZ 2000: Provides precise control of cutting speed when cutting a variety of materials with both a saw bit and rotary blade. Constant speed control maintains RPM under load.
Price: Approx. $160

Stanley Timermax: A slim, easy to use, indoor digital timer allows you to control your lights hands free.
Price: Approx. $15

Stanley Westinghouse Melody & Light Remote: Turns your Christmas tree into an instant special effects light & sound show that’s controlled by a remote.
Price: Approx. $20

AO Light Vision Safety Glasses: These safety glasses are fully rated with the added bonus of two adjustable LED lights – so you can see your work in dark spaces.
Price: Approx. $15

Leatherman Super Tool 300: This multi-tool comes equipped with 19 tool configurations. With a simple push of a button, each of the tools safely locks and unlocks.
Price: Approx. $80

Craftsman Dog Bone Wrench: An 8-in-1 swivel head wrench that allows easy access and fits almost any angle.
Price starts at $25

Wagner Turboroll: This new, revolutionary tool is a battery powered paint roller that is an all-in-one roller and paint container. It can store up to 15 gallons of paint and can paint up to 70 square feet before being refilled.
Price: Approx. $40

Ryobi Paint Brush Cleaner: Prolong the life of your paint brushes with this brush cleaning tool, the perfect choice for homeowners and professionals alike!
Price: Approx. $30

Ryobi AIRgrip Digital Level: This level uses a small air compressor to suction to the wall creating a hands free level.
Price: Approx. $50

OpenX Wrapping Paper Slitter: This tool makes it safe and simple to cut a straight line every time!
Price: Approx. $4

OpenX Dual Blade Package Opener: This tool makes opening those plastic packages safe and easy.
Price: Approx. $8

Ames True Temper Rake and Go Cart: An innovative leaf gathering and yard clean up solution that saves homeowners time and energy as they gather and dispose of fallen leaves and other lawn projects around the home.
Price: Approx: $70

Ames True Temper SnoBoss: If you live in a place with a lot of snow, this tool is for you. Made out of high density, lightweight plastic, it easily shovels up a lot of snow and even has a metal edge to scrape up ice.  
Price: Approx. $35

Stanley Portable Digital Power Station: A digital power supply that can jump your car, charge your batteries and a whole lot more.
Price: Approx. $100

Skil 5 3/8” Circular Saw & Kit: A four-tool combo pack including a drill/driver, skill saw, reciprocating saw and pivoting-head flashlight. It is perfect for small projects and weighs in at only two pounds.
Price: Approx. $230

Grip-On Tools ErgoGrip: This tool is easier on the wrists and gives its users up to 50 percent more torque, using just one hand.
Price: Approx. $60

Yeti Portable Alarm: A portable security device for your tools that is triggered by a motion sensor.
Price: Check local retailer.

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