Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enjoy a Good Stiff McNuggetini This Holiday Season

Sometimes all you need to get you through the stress of the holidays is a good meal and a stiff drink. Thanks to Georgia Hardstark and Alie Ward, you can have both mixed up in one frosty cocktail glass.

Alie and Georgia are two ultra-hip East side of L.A. ladies who according to their website, “met at a dive bar in the L.A. neighborhood of Echo Park, quickly becoming inseparable after realizing they shared a penchant for goofy humor and late-night diner pancakes.”

What separates these two self-proclaimed drinking buddies from any other single girls out on the town in Silver Lake is pure, unadulterated ingenuity. Who hasn’t wanted a fast food snack while out on a late night bender? Alie & Georgia were just creative enough to actually combine the two into what has become the cult classic known as the McNuggetini.

The results of that culinary impulse have been heavily debated across the Internet and on grander scales on The Today Show and The New York Times. Some don’t instantly take to the cocktail – a chocolate milk shake with vanilla vodka in a barbeque sauce rimmed martini glass garnished with, what else, a chicken McNugget. Others say that once you get past the sauce, the drink is actually pretty darn good.

We can only imagine it’s better than their follow up — the Ham Daquiri.

Visit the Alie & Georgie website and watch their oh-so-charming videos to find out how to make the potent pork potable, the original chicken concoction and more treats like Shoot the Wild Turkey and Bloody Bacon and Cheese.

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