Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who Needs Cash When You Can Get Gold to Go?

Courtesy of the Gold to Go Website

Back before the economy tanked, ATMs spitting out endless $20 bills seemed like a natural occurrence. Nowadays people are making more judicious choices on how they’re spending their cash and trips to the cash machine are a little more infrequent… for some.

Apparently people are still thriving in certain parts of the world. Take, for example, Boca Raton, Florida. That’s where the first U.S. Gold to Go® machine has been installed at the Town Center Mall. The high-end ATM dispenses a shopper’s choice of 24-carat gold bars or coins in a selection of weights up to 2 ounces. So for just under $3,000 bucks (in cash or charged to your credit card), you can get a sweet treat for under the tree.

Don’t worry, prices are adjusted via an onboard internet connection that tracks any fluctuations in the market. And of course a security guard is on hand to make sure each transaction goes smoothly and safely.

According the their website, the Gold to Go® mission is simply “to offer tangible assets that presently have high value and will retain that value in the future independent of the financial system.” Seems straightforward enough, really.

This maybe the first U.S. machine but it follows Gold to Go® spots in Dubai, Spain and Italy. Germany hosts 11 machines. Can NYC and Beverly Hills locations be far in the future?

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