Monday, January 3, 2011

Learn a New Language in 2011

Photo by A.M. Kuchling

Happy New Year, everybody!

We hope you all enjoyed a nice week and are ready to start 2011. We made our requisite resolutions. We really are going to go to the gym more often. We're definitely cutting down on snacks. And we decided to learn a new language. 

We've tried French, Italian and Spanish in the past and none of them seem to stick. And despite the fact that we've been told that Chinese and Japanese aren't as difficult as they seem, we don't think we're ready to try to tackle those challenges yet.

Besides we'd like to learn a new tongue that has a pop culture twist. Luckily we found this awesome new webpage that translates common every day English into four of the most important languages in entertainment history. 

Some of you might want to give Swedish Chef a try. Yearning for your youth? Why not brush up on you Valley Girl speak? As easy as Pig Latin is, we all get a little twisted up on those words that start with vowels — not anymore. And now that Barbara Billingsley is gone, you'll need this site to help you translate Jive.

So good luck with the translator and Happy New Year or in the words of

The Swedish Chef: "Guud loock veet zee trunsletur und Heppy Noo Yeer!"

Jive Talkers: "Good luck wid de translato' and Happy New Year. Right On!"

Valley Girls: "Good luck with thuh translator and Happy New Year! Gag me with a pitchfork!"


Pig Latin Lovers Everywhere: "oodGay ucklay ithway ethay anslatortray andway appyHay ewNay Yearay!"

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